What is an EEA Check?

A European Economic Area (EEA) check is used to check whether a teacher who has trained or worked in the European Economic Area (EEA) has received any restrictions or sanctions on their ability to teach. The EEA check covers all EU Countries including Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Please note, the EEA check is only for individuals who have lived or worked outside the UK.

What if my employee is found to have a sanction on them as a result of the EEA check?

Whilst such a sanction does not currently prevent the person from taking up teaching positions in England, employers should contact the EEA regulator responsible for the decision to obtain more information about the reasons for imposing the sanction/restriction. However, it is important that if you decide to employ the individual to inform NCTL immediately by emailing Misconduct.Teacher@education.gov.uk or calling 0207 593 5393.

Is an EEA Check the same as a DBS check?

The EEA check is not a full criminal record check, it just checks whether or not a teacher has any restrictions or sanctions on their ability to teach.
How much is an EEA Check from APCS?

The cost of a standard EEA check is £10.00 (not including VAT). The results of the EEA check will be back to you within the same day if ordered before 2.30pm.

If you order a Fast Track EEA check the result will be with you within just one hour! There is an additional cost of £2.50 plus VAT for this service.