What does my DBS Business Account show?

Our Management Reporting system gives you an overview of all of your DBS applications currently in progress, and every application previously processed with us. It contains the following for each applicant:
  • The DBS application number.
  • When your applicant started and finished their DBS application.
  • When the DBS application was ID checked by your company.
  • When APCS processed the application and when it was disclosed.
  • The DBS certificate number and issue date.
There is also a DBS tracking facility built in, and all the information can be downloaded into an excel spreadsheet.

How do I log into my DBS Business Account?

If you haven’t already, follow our link below to create a Management Reporting Account, you just need your ID Checker Number, (this is the access code provided to you from APCS) and your email address. You can also log into your Account here.