7 things you need to know about Children’s Barred List Checks (formerly List 99)

List 99 checks are now known as Children’s Barred list checks. Here are 7 commonly asked questions about Children’s Barred List Checks.

What is a Children’s Barred List Check?

The Children’s Barred List is a list of individuals who are barred from working with children. A check of the children’s barred list allows educational establishments to check against a database to see if there is a possible match for a person on this list. If a person is included in the Children’s Barred List, employment by an educational establishment is prohibited.

Who can apply for a Children’s Barred List Check?

Educational establishments (such as schools, colleges and nurseries) can apply for a Children’s Barred List check if their applicant undertakes unsupervised activities with children such as teaching, training, instructing or caring. This also includes relevant personal care, e.g. washing or dressing; or health care by or supervised by a professional. A check may also be conducted on a registered childminder and/or foster-carer.

Can I apply for a Children’s Barred List Check on myself?

Unfortunately, individuals cannot apply for their own Children’s Barred List check.

How can I apply for a Children’s Barred List Check?

You can register with us here to create an account for Children’s Barred List checks. The applicants full name and date of birth is required to order the checks. Card payment is requested at the end of the order form.

When will I receive the result for a Children’s Barred List Check?

If you order a standard Children’s Barred List Check before 2.30pm, Monday to Friday, you will receive the result the same day. Orders received after 2.30pm will be issued the next working day.

If you urgently need a Children’s Barred List check you can use our Fast Track service which guarantees a result within just 2 hours!

How much is a Children’s Barred List Check?

Children’s barred list check: £12.50 plus VAT.
Fast Track: £15 plus VAT.

What will the result show?

There are two possible outcomes:

  • 1 – ‘Clear, no further comments’ – the applicant can start working, subject to other relevant references and pre-employment checks being completed.
  • 2 – If there is a match, we will contact you immediately to provide the relevant guidance.

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