How Long Do DBS Checks Take?

DBS Basic checks are often the quickest to be completed, with APCS receiving the majority of our basic checks back within the very same day we submitted them. In fact, our fastest recorded check was completed in just 69 seconds!

What is the Difference Between a Basic and Standard DBS Check?

Throughout the recruitment process it is essential that an employer conducts the correct level of DBS check for their staff members. This is to ensure that everyone is compliant with the current DBS guidelines and those that need higher level of checks receive them. This provides peace of mind to the employer to know that […]

How much does a DBS check cost and who should pay for it?

How much does a DBS check cost? APCS charge the following fees for DBS checks: For companies processing large volumes of DBS checks we are happy to offer a discount, please contact us for more information. Do I have to pay for the DBS if I’m a volunteer? If an applicant meets the DBS Volunteer […]

What are the DBS Application Form Stages?

Once you have submitted your application form it will go to your employer’s umbrella body for countersigning, subsequently it will go to the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS). If your application is a Basic or Standard DBS check, it will go through the first 2 Stages shown below and then skip to Stage 5. If […]