Is a DBS check international?

It is becoming standard practice for employers to conduct DBS checks on potential employees in order to make safer, more informed recruitment decisions. For individuals living and working within the UK, this achieved by completing a DBS or Disclosure Scotland check. The process differs for those currently residing overseas or those that have never lived in the UK. In this blog, we will discuss the process of obtaining a DBS check for applicants who are currently living or have previously resided abroad.

How do I complete a DBS check for a potential employee currently living abroad?

If a potential employee has previously lived in the UK but is currently living abroad, an employer can still request a Basic criminal record check. The employee will complete the online form using a User ID number given to them by their employer. The ID checking stage can then be completed by video call, or by emailing scanned copies of the documents required. This check will cover the applicant’s criminal record for the time spent in the UK, but it will not display any convictions for the country they are currently residing in. The DBS and Disclosure Scotland cannot access the information to see if an applicant has a criminal record check held overseas.

Can I complete a criminal record check for countries outside of the UK?

Some employers may still want to see an applicant’s full criminal background in order to make an informed recruitment decision. This is especially important for individuals who have spent extensive time overseas or have recently moved to the UK. The employer will then need to obtain a criminal record check for the relevant overseas country.

As part of our additional services, APCS offer overseas checks for over 250 countries worldwide. The checks can be local or national checks depending on the company’s request.  Click here to apply for an overseas check today. Prices and turnaround times will vary depending on the country selected. If the applicant has also lived in the UK, we would recommend completing a DBS in addition to the overseas check. The employer will then have a full background check for the employee.

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