Basic, standard and enhanced DBS checks

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Results E-Mailed directly

The APCS online DBS system is a proven cost effective and time saving solution for employers. Our application form can be completed in minutes with results normally received back in 24 hours. Our quickest ever basic DBS check was 69 seconds, and the fastest enhanced DBS check was just 26 minutes.

What are the different levels of DBS check?


A Basic check is a type of criminal record check that shows an applicant’s unspent convictions or conditional cautions. They are available to all job roles and sectors.


Standard checks show any spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings an applicant has.


Enhanced checks show spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings. They also show any inclusions on the children’s and adults’ barred lists

How our System Works

When designing our bespoke system, the ease of use was at the forefront of our mind. The application forms are straightforward and take about 5 minutes to complete. If an applicant struggles to use our form, or has a general question, they can call us on 0845 643 1145. Our processing team will provide friendly, confidential support. This ensures the applicant has the best experience possible. Here’s a quick overview at how simple our online system is from the applicant’s perspective:
Go online

Step 1

The applicant goes on to our website here:

Step 2

They enter their User ID (the application number issued by their employer) in the ‘User ID’ field in the ‘Create New Application’ section of the website, using their own password to create and complete the application. The applicant does not need to upload any documents, they just enter in their details manually.

E-Mail sent to employer

Step 3

Once the applicant has filled in the application form, an email is generated and instantly sent to the employer asking them to ID check the applicant’s identity. The ID checker clicks on the link in the email and is presented with the ID checking page, at which point they verify the applicant’s identity by ticking the relevant ID documents that they have seen and answer DBS eligibility questions relevant to the application. The employer then submits the application to us.
Application received instantly

Step 4

We receive the application instantly and countersign it to the Disclosure & Barring Service within 1 hour of receiving it.
When the DBS have completed their searches, the result is uploaded directly into our system. Within 1 hour an electronic copy is sent to the employer. The paper certificate is then sent in the post by the DBS to the applicants’ current home address.

Still Unsure?

If you would like a friendly, no obligation chat to discuss which option is right for you, then give us a call on 0845 643 1145 or email us.