What is a Childrens Barred List Check?

This check allows educational establishments to check against a database to see if there is a possible match for a person included in the children’s barred list. The information on the database is held under the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 and is maintained by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Am I allowed to know if my employee is on the Childrens’ Barred List?

According to the Department for Education, educational establishments (such as schools, colleges and nurseries) can apply for a Children’s Barred List check if their applicant:
  • Undertakes unsupervised activities: teaching, training, instructing, caring for or supervising children, or providing advice/guidance on well-being, or driving a vehicle only for children
  • Works for a limited range of establishments (‘specified places’), with opportunity for contact: e.g. schools, children’s homes, childcare premises. This does not include work by supervised volunteers
  • Provides relevant personal care, e.g. washing or dressing; or health care by or supervised by a professional
  • Is a registered childminder and/or foster-carer
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What if my employee is on the Childrens Barred List?

There are two possible results from a Children’s Barred List check:
  1. ‘No matching records were found’ – In this case you may allow the applicant to start work (subject to all other relevant references and pre-employment checks being completed).
  2. If there is a match, employment by educational establishments is prohibited. We will contact you immediately and provide the relevant guidance.

Is a Childrens Barred List Check the same as a DBS check?

The Children’s Barred List check is not a full criminal record check, it just checks the Childrens’ Barred List only.

How much is a Childrens Barred List Check from APCS?

The standard Children’s’ Barred List check is £15.00 (including VAT), you will receive the result the same day if you order before 2.30pm Monday to Friday. For any orders received after 2.30pm, the results will be issued the next working day. If you order a Fast Track Children’s Barred List Check the result will be with you within just one hour! There is an additional cost of £2.50 plus vat for this service. We can also offer discounts if you are already registered with us to process your DBS checks.