What is a Prohibition Check?

The Prohibition check confirms whether an applicant is prohibited from working within educational establishments. Local authorities, schools and further education institutions must check if a person has been prohibited before confirming the person’s appointment. The APCS online prohibition checks cover requirements for Ofsted and the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

Which of my employees can have a Prohibition Check?

Prohibition checks are a requirement for teaching staff, therefore professions such as teachers, tutors, and teaching assistants are eligible for this search. This is in accordance with the “Keeping children safe in education” guidance issued by the Department for Education.

What if my employee is found to have a Prohibition Order?

If an employee is prohibited, their details will appear on the Prohibited List and the applicant is not allowed to undertake unsupervised teaching work in schools or the other settings set out above.

Is a Prohibition Check the same as a DBS check or a Childrens Barred List check?

The Prohibition check is not a full criminal record check, neither does it check the Childrens Barred List, it just checks whether or not an applicant is prohibited from working within educational establishments.

How much is a Prohibition Check?

A Prohibition check is £15.00 (not including VAT), you will receive the result the same day if you order before 2.30pm Monday to Friday. For any orders received after 2.30pm, the results will be issued the next working day. If you order a Fast Track Prohibition Check the result will be with you within just one hour! There is an additional cost of £2.50 (plus VAT) for this service.