Verify identities quickly and efficiently with our Digital ID Checks

Compliant with DBS and Home Office NEW digital identity document validation technology (IDVT) 2022 guidelines.

Covers Basic, Standard and Enhanced DBS checks

Digital Right to Work

How do Digital Identity Checks work?

In just three easy steps, a prospective employee can submit their identity document and photograph for a Digital Identity Check.

Digital Identity Checks are a fast and secure way to validate your prospective employee’s identity. They’re faster than the current identity verification process as the applicant can upload their own documents via their smartphone and provide a real time face match. Unlike the traditional physical check, the new digital process can retrieve and check the biometric data from most documents, eliminating the risk from forged documents.

As the process is automated, we’ve reduced the risk of human error. This technology recognises and can validate passports, driving licences and other identity documents from over 200 countries around the world.


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APCS offer Digital ID Checks, a fast and reliable way to verify a candidate’s identity. We understand that recruitment process can be time-consuming and complex. By using our Digital ID Checks, you’ll significantly speed up your recruitment process, making it easier for you to find the right candidate for your business.
Our Digital ID checks comply with the new Home Office guidelines as well as those from the Disclosure and Barring Service, updated in 2022 to allow for Digital ID Checks. Our Digital ID checks can verify identities to support Basic, Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks. You can use them for many other purposes too.
Digital Identity Check - £5.40 inc VAT

Paperless and hassle-free

Gone are the days of forwarding paperwork back and forth between candidates and businesses. Our Digital ID Checks can be completed entirely on a smart device, streamlining the process and making it more efficient for everyone involved. Once registered on our portal, inviting a candidate to complete the verification process is as simple as entering their basic contact details and E-Mail address. Your candidate will receive an E-Mail a few minutes later from where they can complete their side of the process.

There’s no more waiting for physical documents to be sent and received with the risk that they could be lost in the post. Instead, APCS’ Digital ID Checks offer a quick, digital solution.

Combating Fraud with Our Digital ID Checks

Fraud and forgery can pose a significant threat to businesses when it comes to identity document verification. At APCS, our Digital ID Checks go above and beyond traditional verification methods, using technology to ensure your business is protected against potential risks.

Our digital checks don’t just rely on a visual inspection of the documents. Instead, they utilise advanced biometric data scanning, providing a more thorough and accurate verification. By examining the unique biometric features within the documents, our system can detect even the most sophisticated forgeries, ensuring that you can have confidence in the identities of your candidates.

By adopting our Digital ID and Right to Work Checks, you’ll benefit from a more secure and reliable way to verify the identities and eligibility of your potential employees. This new technology outperforms traditional physical checks and ensures that you can have full confidence in the information provided.

How it works

Digital ID Checks offer either a medium level of confidence for where just basic checks are required. Alternatively, we can offer a high level of confidence for standard/enhanced checks. Our system meets all of the DBS requirements, ensuring that you can trust the accuracy and reliability of the information provided.

What documentation will the candidate require?

This depends on the level of check required. Please see the table below for full details.
Type of checkDocumentsMin num of documents
Digital ID check
(medium level of confidence)
Passport, Biometric Residence Permit, UK Driving Licence1
Digital ID check
(high level of confidence)
Passport, Biometric Residence Permit, UK Driving licence, National ID Card2
Digital RTW CheckUK or Irish Passport1

5 easy steps to get started

Step 1

Create an account

Register your organisation with APCS

Step 2

Place an order

Select the type of digital check you need and provide the candidate’s name, date of birth, and email address.

Step 3

Pay for your order

Complete the order process by making a payment.

Step 4

Candidate receives a link

APCS will send the candidate an email with a link to carry out the digital check on their smart device.

Step 5

Get the results

Once the check is completed, you’ll receive a full report by email.

Fast Results and Convenient Delivery

Quick turnaround for your streamline recruitment process

With our Digital ID and Right to Work Checks, you can expect rapid results, allowing you to make informed decisions about potential candidates without unnecessary delays. Your invitation E-Mail to your candidate will arrive within 5 minutes of when you make the request.

How long do the results take?

Our Digital ID Checks are designed to provide the fastest possible results. Once the candidate has completed the check using their smart device, you can typically expect to receive a full report within 10 minutes. This ensures that you can keep your recruitment process moving forward without being held up by the traditional lengthy verification procedures.

How will I receive the results of a Digital ID Check?

Once the check is completed and the report is generated, we’ll send it directly to you by E-Mail. The report is evidence that you have performed a full Digital Identity Check of your candidate.

Enjoy a faster and more efficient process

Our Digital ID Checks offer an innovative way to verify the identity of your potential employees, all from the convenience of a smart device. Say goodbye to the slow and outdated methods of the past and embrace a quicker, simpler, and more effective way of recruiting the best talent for your business.

Get started with APCS’ Digital ID Checks today, and experience the difference for yourself.