Individual Basic Disclosures – 7 things you need to know

From January 2018, the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) now process basic disclosure checks for individuals in England and Wales. Following these changes in legislation, we can provide Individual Basic Checks to those living in Scotland and overseas. Here is our definitive guide to Individual Basic Disclosures:

Can I apply for an Individual Basic Disclosure?

If you are currently residing abroad (outside of the United Kingdom) or in Scotland, you can apply for an Individual Basic Disclosure.

What will an Individual Basic Disclosure check show?

An Individual Basic Disclosure links to the Police National Computer and provides information about unspent (recent/serious) criminal convictions.

Who are Disclosure Scotland?

Disclosure Scotland are an executive agency of the Scottish government, to which APCS is a registered body. Disclosure Scotland carry out criminal record checks on behalf of individuals that are living in Scotland or overseas.

Will this check cover the whole of the United Kingdom?

Although the name suggests otherwise, basic disclosures acquired through Disclosure Scotland are valid throughout the United Kingdom.

How much will an Individual Basic Disclosure cost?

An Individual Basic Disclosure costs £44.20. Any additional costs are optional; such as having your disclosure legalised via an Apostille, or having your disclosure posted via courier.

How will I receive the Individual Basic Disclosure?

We will post the disclosure using your chosen postage method, either to your Scottish/overseas address or an alternative address of your choice. You can also contact us to request that we scan and email the disclosure to you before being posted.

When will I receive the Individual Basic Disclosure?

The Individual Basic Disclosures on average take under a week to be completed. The certificate is then posted straight to you. If legalisation via an Apostille has been selected, this will take an extra week to be completed. Time must then be allowed for postage; overseas postage times can vary, but we estimate you will receive the disclosure within 2-3 weeks of your request.

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