What is a Credit Check?

A credit check is pre-employment check used by employers to check an employees financial background. It will reveal any adverse credit history that a potential employee may have. The check will disclose any county court judgments, bankruptcies and administration orders. It will also show any insolvencies in the last 6 years.

Can anyone have a Credit Check?

In the UK’s current financial climate, it is more important than ever to be aware of an employee’s true financial situation. This is especially important if your employees are handling your business’s finances or accounts. Knowing your employee’s financial backgrounds allows employers to make more informed recruitment decisions. It is also no longer limited to those directly involved in the financial sector.

Can I refuse employment to an applicant that has failed a Credit Check?

If the report comes back as medium or high risk, you have the right to refuse employment to a potential employee. Their current financial situation may impact their ability to perform in their job role.

How long does it take to receive the results?

At APCS we ensure that we complete credit checks the same working day that we receive them. This helps our customers speed up their recruitment process. As soon as the check is completed, you will receive an email with a downloadable PDF of the result attached.

How much is a Credit Check, and how do I order it?

The full cost of a credit check through APCS is £15.00 (including VAT). Please follow the steps below to order a credit check with APCS!

Credit Check - Step 1

Step 1

Click the button below to request a credit check consent form from us.
Credit Check - Step 2

Step 2

Fill in and return the form to us via email, along with a copy of the applicants’ passport.
Credit Check - Step 3

Step 3

Relax and wait for your same day credit check results to come back from APCS!