Front of an APCS ID Card
Back of a APCS ID card

What is a Photo ID card?

If your employees are working on external sites they may be asked by a client to provide details of their current DBS check. This is common practice in many schools, hospitals and care facilities. To make this process easier, APCS have designed Photo ID cards that display details of the employees current DBS check. This saves an employee from keeping their certificate with them at all times.

What information does an APCS DBS ID Card provide?

  • The card holder’s name.
  • Photograph.
  • Employer’s name – This is shown as ‘Individual’ for individuals.
  • The DBS check level, issue number and issue date.
  • Our contact details on the reverse.
The card is presented in a plastic holder and a lanyard.

What are the security features of the DBS ID Card?

All cards come with guilloche (fine line design). The complex design is extremely difficult to originate and print. It has an APCS reflective foil for added security against copying. The photos are processed and printed and become an integral part of the card. They are encapsulated under a top laminate which also has a unique design. This makes for a highly secure, durable and tamper proof Photo ID Card.

How do I verify that an APCS DBS ID Card is genuine?

If a client wishes to check the credentials on the card, all they need to do is call us. We then provide the relevant information from our database to confirm the applicant has completed the appropriate check.

How much is an APCS DBS ID Card, and how do I order it?

The cost is £15.00 (inc. VAT). The payment method is determined by how your DBS account has been setup with us. APCS can only provide ID cards for DBS checks that have been processed by our organisation. To order a Photo ID card:
  • Tick the Photo ID card box on the ID page.
  • Or email APCS a passport style photograph to [email protected], quoting the applicant’s name and date of birth.