What is a DBS Route 2 ID Check?

Employers must carry out an ID check on their employees in the process of requesting DBS checks on their employee’s behalf. Some applicants do not have enough documents to meet the criteria for a ‘Route 1’ DBS ID verification. APCS provide a ‘Route 2’ ID checking service as a solution for those applicants!

How do I order a DBS Route 2 ID Check?

Route 2 Checks - Step 1

Step 1

Register with APCS to carry out DBS checks on your employees.
Route 2 Checks - Step 2

Step 2

Tick on the DBS form that you would like an ID check for an employee.
Route 2 Checks - Step 3

Step 3

APCS will verify an applicant’s identity using external data sources.
Route 2 Checks - Step 4

Step 4

We will then either submit the DBS check as normal, or if the ID check fails, APCS will contact the employer.

What will happen if a DBS ID Check fails?

APCS will ask that the applicant produces more ID documents to meet the requirements for a different ID Route. If the applicant cannot provide sufficient ID documents the DBS application may have to follow the ‘Route 3’ ID check (fingerprinting), or may have to be withdrawn.

How much is a DBS ID Check with APCS?

The cost is £7.20 (inclusive of VAT).

What are the DBS ID Route Guidelines?

Please note, the ID guidelines for each level of DBS check vary. If you are applying for a basic DBS check, please see the ID guidelines here If you are applying for a standard or enhanced DBS check, you can find your ID guidelines here.