Protect your security business with APCS's specialised background checks. Our services help you hire with confidence, mitigate risks, and meet industry regulations. Elevate your screening process today.

As a security business owner or recruitment manager, you understand the critical importance of hiring trustworthy and reliable staff. Your clients depend on you to provide security personnel who are professional, competent, and of the highest integrity. Any breach of trust or lapse in judgement by a member of your team could have serious consequences for your clients and your business’s reputation.

That’s why thorough background checks are an essential part of the recruitment process for any security role. At APCS, we offer a range of screening services tailored to the unique needs of the security industry. Our checks can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have done your due diligence in vetting potential hires.

The Risks of Inadequate Screening

Failing to properly screen security staff can expose your business to significant risks:

  • Liability: If an employee with a criminal history or concerning background commits a crime or causes harm while on the job, your company could be held liable. This could lead to costly lawsuits and reputational damage.

  • Reputational Harm: Even one bad hire can tarnish your hard-earned professional reputation. Negative publicity from an employee’s misconduct can be difficult to overcome and may cost you clients.

  • Regulatory Non-Compliance: Depending on the specific roles and contexts, there may be legal or regulatory requirements around background checks for security personnel. Failing to meet these requirements could result in fines or even the loss of operating licenses.

The APCS Solution

At APCS, we offer a comprehensive suite of screening services to help mitigate these risks and ensure you are hiring the most qualified, suitable candidates. Our checks are specifically designed to meet the needs of the security industry.

Basic DBS Checks

A Basic DBS Check is a criminal record check that reveals any unspent convictions or conditional cautions an applicant may have. While Basic Checks have broad eligibility across all roles and sectors, they provide an important first layer of screening for security positions.

Standard DBS Checks

For many security roles, a Standard DBS Check may be required. Standard Checks disclose all spent and unspent convictions and cautions. This more in-depth look at an applicant’s background can be invaluable in assessing their suitability for a position of trust and responsibility.

Enhanced DBS Checks

Some security roles, such as those in a school or college, may require an Enhanced DBS Check. This type of check shows the same information as a Standard DBS Check but can also include additional relevant information held by local police forces and a check of the relevant barred list.

Digital Identity Checks

Our innovative Digital Identity Checks allow you to quickly and securely validate a prospective employee’s identity. Applicants can upload their documents via smartphone for real-time verification, streamlining the process while leveraging biometric data to detect potential forgeries. In an industry where being certain of someone’s identity is paramount, Digital Identity Checks provide a robust solution.

Digital Right to Work Checks

Verifying an applicant’s right to work in the UK is a legal requirement and particularly important in the security sector given the sensitive nature of many roles. Our Digital Right to Work Checks simplify this process for both UK and Irish citizens, ensuring you remain compliant with all relevant regulations.

The Benefits of Partnering with APCS

By incorporating APCS’s specialised screening services into your recruitment process, you can realise numerous benefits for your security business:

  1. Risk Mitigation: Our checks help minimise the risk of hiring individuals with concerning criminal histories or falsified credentials, protecting your clients, your staff, and your business.

  2. Improved Compliance: Stay aligned with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements around background screening, avoiding costly penalties.

  3. Enhanced Reputation: Demonstrate your commitment to due diligence and build trust with clients by leveraging our respected screening services.

  4. Streamlined Processes: Our digital solutions are designed for speed and efficiency, allowing you to screen candidates quickly without compromising on thoroughness.

  5. Trusted Partnership: With years of experience serving the unique needs of the security industry, APCS is a partner you can count on for reliable, tailored screening solutions.

In today’s complex security landscape, there’s no room for uncertainty when it comes to the individuals tasked with protecting people, property, and assets. Investing in comprehensive background checks from a trusted provider like APCS is not just a smart business decision – it’s a responsibility you owe to your clients and your team.

Partner with APCS today to elevate your hiring standards and safeguard the future of your security business.