7 ways to ensure your company stays compliant in 2019

Register with an umbrella body

Registering with an umbrella body allows you to conduct Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks on your staff to ensure peace of mind during the recruitment process. Umbrella bodies countersign and check the level of each DBS application to ensure that employers are meeting the legal requirements when requesting a criminal record check.

APCS have been a DBS registered body since 2002 and would be delighted to carry out DBS checks on behalf of your company. Register with us here to start checking your staff today!

Use our Management Reports System

Our online Management Reporting System provides an overview of every DBS application you currently have in progress, as well as all applications previously ordered. This allows you to keep an up to date record of which employees have been checked. There is a direct link to the DBS tracking website to check the status of an in-progress application, and all the information can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet. The Management Reports System is included at no extra cost as part of your registration with APCS.

Use our eligibility tool

Unsure as to whether your staff need enhanced DBS checks or barring list checks? Our bespoke eligibility tool aids in assessing which level of DBS check you can request on behalf of your staff.

Read our FAQs

Our updated FAQ section provides all of the key information you and your employees will require when filling out our application form.

Apply for overseas checks

If a member of your staff has previously lived abroad you may also wish to check their criminal record in the countries that they have been living. Through our online system, you can carry out a background check on your applicants in over 240 countries worldwide.

Follow our blog posts

Stay up to date with any changes in DBS policies or guidance by following our blog posts. Here you can find up to date information regarding DBS checks and safeguarding policies to ensure you are staying compliant this year.

Request ID cards

If your employees are contracted to work on multiple sites it may be beneficial to have an ID card printed for each employee. If a customer needs to verify that your staff have been DBS checked, they simply call us on the number provided on the back of the card and we will cross reference the details held on our database against those on the card to confirm that they are DBS checked.

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