How long is a DBS check valid for?

From our experience in processing DBS checks, one of our most frequently asked questions is: when does a DBS check expire? This can cause great confusion in the recruitment process, particularly with regards to renewing existing checks. Below is our complete guide to DBS renewals and expiry dates.

When does a DBS check expire?

Put simply, DBS checks do not have an official expiry date. As a result, DBS checks are only completely accurate on the day that they are issued by the DBS. A conviction could be recorded any time after completing the DBS check and therefore it is important to check the issue date on the certificate. It is ultimately the responsibility of an employer to determine if new DBS checks are required and when they should be renewed. Many employers have produced their own policies with regards to renewing staff DBS checks.

When should a DBS check be renewed?

It is often recommended that DBS checks are renewed every 3 years, however ultimately it is the employer’s decision. Some companies are regulated by a higher regulatory body, such as Ofsted and CQC, who have their own policies on DBS check renewals. If applicable, you should check with their requirements first.

If an applicant has changed job role, you will need to check that the original job role and level of check requested are correct for the new role. This is also applicable for checks conducted on a potential employee by another company. In some cases, you may be legally required to conduct new checks of the children’s and/or adult’s barring list in accordance with the DBS guidance.

Do DBS checks expire? In summary:

  • DBS checks have no expiry date and therefore depend on the employer’s requirements.
  • Regulatory bodies often have their own policies on DBS check renewals.
  • If an employee has changed job roles it may be necessary for them to complete a new check.

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