Integrate your DBS system with APCS

At APCS we continually develop our system to provide the fastest turnaround times and the most efficient service for ordering online DBS checks. We have now developed a bespoke API that allows your company to integrate directly with APCS to provide fully automated DBS checks. The fast turnaround times provided by our system will allow you to make faster, more informed recruitment decisions. The checks ordered can be tailored to your exact needs depending on the employee job roles.

How do I use the API?

The relevant details for each employee are inputted into the API directly. This information is subsequently forwarded directly to APCS and then onto the DBS so the required checks can be conducted. The results of the check are then automatically fed back into the API as soon as we have received them.

Is the API suitable for us?

An API is suitable for those wishing to develop their own tailored DBS vetting system whilst still utilising speed and efficiency of the bespoke APCS system. We would recommend the API to those conducting a large amount of applications per year.

What do I need to use the API?

In order to be able to use the API, your IT development team must be able to work with MVC interfaces and a firm understanding of web-related technologies and development. Once the development has been completed the API will become live and applications can be submitted.

How much will the API cost?

Development of the API will incur a charge which depends upon the exact requirements of your API. Our development team will produce an API package made specifically for your exact needs.
If you require an integrated API for your company, please view our specified API page where you can send us an enquiry, or call us directly on 0151 638 6158.

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