What is the Difference Between a Basic and Standard DBS Check?

Throughout the recruitment process it is essential that an employer conducts the correct level of DBS check for their staff members. This is to ensure that everyone is compliant with the current DBS guidelines and those that need higher level of checks receive them. This provides peace of mind to the employer to know that their staff have been DBS checked in the correct manner. At APCS we have found that Standard and Basic checks are often referred to interchangeably in error and therefore it is often difficult to differentiate between the two.

The main difference between Standard and Basic DBS checks is that anyone can request a Basic DBS check, there are no legal requirements. Basic DBS checks can be requested by an individual applying for their own criminal record check.  However, an applicant must meet the DBS criteria and therefore be legally eligible to request a Standard DBS check. Standard checks cannot be requested as an individual, and must be requested on the applicants behalf by an employer or organisation.

What is a Standard DBS Check?

Standard DBS checks detail any spent and/or unspent convictions and any cautions, reprimands and/or final warnings an individual may have within the United Kingdom. This information is obtained by the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) directly from the Police National Computer.

Common job roles for a standard check include: administrators in medical centres, FCA regulated positions, football stewards and solicitors that have just entered the profession.

What is a Basic DBS check?

A Basic DBS check details an individual’s unspent convictions. They are becoming increasingly popular for any job roles that do not meet the eligibility criteria for Standard and Enhanced disclosures, for example, self-employed individuals. Basic checks are also on average the fastest DBS checks to be completed, with most APCS Basic checks coming back within a day!

Submitting a role that is eligible for a Basic DBS check rather than a Standard DBS check will lead to a query from the DBS and/or the police, slowing down recruitment times. It is therefore essential to conduct the correct check.

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