Does Santa need a DBS check this Christmas?

With Christmas soon approaching, Santa is entering his busiest time of year. It is often assumed that Santa can have a enhanced DBS check, however this is not always the case. Below is our complete guide to getting a DBS check for Santa this Christmas.

Does Santa need an enhanced DBS check?

Santa and his elves are not responsible for caring or supervising the children, as children are usually with their parents or guardians when visiting Santa’s grotto. In this case, because neither Santa nor his elves are carrying out regulated activity with children, they are not legally eligible to have the enhanced DBS check.

If you would like to find out more about what the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) consider to be regulated activity, please see their website here .

However, if Santa needs to work in an establishment such as a school, children’s home, children’s centre or childcare premises , and this work will be ‘frequent’  (four or more days in any period of 30 days) he can indeed have the enhanced DBS check.

Can Santa apply for a basic DBS check?

Although Santa is usually not eligible for an enhanced DBS check, he is eligible for a basic DBS check. A basic DBS check shows all unspent convictions in the United Kingdom which will help an employer to make a safe recruitment decision.

If Santa would like to apply for a basic check on himself, and he is working in England or Wales, he can apply directly through the DBS using the following link.

If Santa is in Scotland, or overseas,  APCS would be pleased to process a basic check for him here .  

Do you employ Santa? APCS recommends that you:

  • Obtain at least one reference from him (and other seasonal staff)
  • Conduct an interview to ensure he is suitable for the job offer
  • Make sure he is aware of your company safeguarding/child protection policies
  • Ensure that each child’s parents/guardians join them throughout their visit to Santa
  • Ensure that another member of staff is present while he is working

APCS provide DBS checks without any registration or annual fees. Register your business with us today for affordable DBS checks!

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