What can I use basic check for?

Basic checks, also referred to a ‘certificate of good conduct’, are very versatile. You can use them in a large range of different job roles and for visa purposes.

Is an individual basic check the same as a DBS basic check?

The individual basic checks service is for anyone living in Scotland or overseas. Disclosure Scotland will issue these checks rather than the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS). This means they are not classed as DBS checks.

Can I apply for a basic check on myself?

If you live in Scotland, or overseas, APCS can process a basic criminal record check on your behalf.

What if I live in England or Wales and need a basic check?

APCS is also an umbrella body of the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) in England. APCS are able to provide employers with access to the DBS basic check service. Register as an employer for our basic DBS checks here. Apply for a basic check on yourself here.

What is Disclosure Scotland?

Disclosure Scotland is an agency of the Scottish government. You can use a basic check issued by Disclosure Scotland anywhere in the United Kingdom.

What does the basic check certificate show?

A basic criminal check shows unspent (recent/serious) criminal convictions. Disclosure Scotland gather this information from the Police National Computer.

When are convictions spent?

Convictions are ‘spent’ after the following rehabilitation periods:
Rehabilitation Periods for people living in Scotland
SentenceOver 18 when convicted Rehabilitation PeriodUnder 18 when convicted Rehabilitation Period
Prison sentence (including suspended sentences) – 6 months to 2.5 years10 years5 years
Prison sentence (including suspended sentences) – 6 months or less7 years3.5 years
Fines, probation, compensation, community service, reparation orders, curfew orders5 years2.5 years
Absolute Discharge6 months6 months
Conditional Discharge1 year1 year

Other types of DBS check

Overseas Basic Apostille

An Apostille will allow authorities in other countries to accept your UK basic check

Overseas Basic Attestation