What are the new DBS ID guidelines?

The ID checking guidelines for basic, standard and enhanced DBS checks are changing from Thursday 1st July 2021, due to new right to work rules in the UK. APCS have sent email correspondence to our customers to inform them of these changes. What are the ID guidelines for DBS checks? An applicant must provide proof […]

6 things to Love about APCS

We are the best value for money when it comes to DBS checks, with no registration or annual fees, you just pay as and when you need DBS checks!

How Long Do DBS Checks Take?

DBS Basic checks are often the quickest to be completed, with APCS receiving the majority of our basic checks back within the very same day we submitted them. In fact, our fastest recorded check was completed in just 69 seconds!

I’m self-employed. How do I get a DBS Check?

Basic DBS checks You can apply for your own basic level criminal record check as there are no legal requirements to be met in order to apply for a basic check. If you live in England or Wales, you can apply directly through the government website here . If you live in Scotland or overseas […]

Do I need a DBS check for working with the homeless?

As the majority of us return to normality following the Christmas break, around 320,000 people in the UK remain homeless. Charities and organisations are finding more and more ways to fight homelessness. You may want to volunteer your time to help, but do you need a DBS check before doing so? ‘Homeless shelters’ and ‘sheltered […]

What is the Difference Between a Basic and Standard DBS Check?

Throughout the recruitment process it is essential that an employer conducts the correct level of DBS check for their staff members. This is to ensure that everyone is compliant with the current DBS guidelines and those that need higher level of checks receive them. This provides peace of mind to the employer to know that […]

What level of DBS check do I need to work in a food bank?

As food bank use continues to rise year on year, a growing number of individuals are volunteering at food banks regularly to help those in need. With over 2,000 food banks now active across the UK, we have noticed a sharp increase in the number of DBS checks being requested for these roles. Here at […]

New DBS Price Change – October 2019

APCS are pleased to inform our customers that the price of Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks will be reduced from 1st October 2019! How much is a DBS check from 2019? Please note, the above fees do not include any administration or postage fees.If you have any questions regarding DBS eligibility, or would like […]